Safer. Lighter. Smarter.

Prior to D2, increased floor safety and stability was only achieved by adding weight to conventional mats, or through permanently installed flooring systems.

These solutions meant users had to compromise aesthetics or flexibility. With D2 Convertible Flooring, you can divide and conquer — getting the best of both worlds. Textile tops that are lightweight, functional and easy-to-clean, anchored to the floor via Bases leveraging Milliken’s patent-pending Adaptex Active Surface Technology.

Anchored for Stability

  • Two-part system locks together, actively resisting movement
  • Reduces opportunity for slips, trips, and falls

Lightweight Top

  • Top is designed for cleaning independent of the Base
  • 50% lighter than conventional mats

Thin, flat system

  • Attractive, low profile design fits your space safely and seamlessly
  • Lay-flat reinforced edge diminishes kick-up

Modular design

  • Two-part design pairs premium stability with modularity
  • Fully customizable/configurable