In educational environments such as schools, universities and libraries, the right floor covering has a profound effect on the learning ability, health and well-being of the students and staff. With a vast range of carpet collections, Milliken has a choice of floor covering solutions for classrooms, study areas, libraries, dining areas, corridors and computer labs. 

Milliken carpet with cushion backing offers many tangible well-being benefits in terms of improved acoustics, comfort, indoor air quality and safety, all of which enhance student’s well-being.

Smart Flooring for 21st Century Learning Environments


Milliken’s extensive standard design collections offer a comprehensive choice of hundreds of ‘off-the-shelf’ carpet designs, textures and colours. Where a more unique approach is required, our Millitron® carpet design technology, with high-resolution digital colour placement, can be used to create stunning custom designs.

This proprietary technology can create complex pattern effects and colour combinations, with fast lead times and one box minimum quantities - not possible with any other carpet manufacturing technology. ​

Engineered to perform

Milliken offers a range of cushion backings that not only enhance the comfort and performance of the carpet but also, by absorbing impact and ambient sound; help to create quieter, calmer spaces for learning.

Milliken’s PVC-FREE WellBAC™ cushion backed modular carpets offer:

  • Best-in-class acoustics, reducing noise up to 50% more than other carpet for quieter, more productive spaces.
  • Up to 24% greater underfoot comfort for enhanced ergonomics for standing.
  • Anti-microbial and stain repel and release technologies creating easy to maintain carpets.
  • Industry leading moisture management with non-reactive backings – to enhance the installation process.
  • Custom collections that incorporate school colours to create a source of school pride and community connection.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality (low voc) for improved occupant and installer well-being.
  • Faster, easier carpet installation with TractionBack® modular tiles.
  • 3rd party verified Red-List Free products for occupant and installer well-being.