We understand that our clients are continuously looking for new approaches to the floor plane and we are committed to providing relevant inspiration and insights to the project planning process.


Our product portfolio includes a vast array of design aesthetics and custom capabilities made possible by our state of the art, patented carpet patterning technologies.


This high resolution digital printing technology was developed by our in-house R+D team and is proprietary to Milliken. Millitron enables complex pattern effects and colour combinations, not possible with any other carpet manufacturing technology. Innovative and fascinating designs are produced as pattern and colour converge with different carpet constructions.


Designs can be large scale, expressive and unrestricted, flowing across the entire floor plane, or smaller scale and precisely pattern matched, module to module. Patterns are produced with fine accuracy and clarity in a vast and constantly evolving colour palette. Colour possibilities range from bright and vivid to bold and subtly tonal. 



Millitron technology allows us to offer an extensive range of patterns, colours, textures and construction types that will meet the design, sustainability and budget requirements of most projects. 


  • High performance loop pile constructions, engineered to meet a budget in a range of easy to specify, flexible and practical designs for projects where hitting a price point is critical. These include collections such as Fixation, Laylines and Joined Up Thinking.


  • Highly styled, complex constructions using advanced yarn combinations to create differentiated design effects for projects where creative expression is key. These include collections such as Naturally Drawn and Clerkenwell.


  • Premium and luxurious constructions that combine sophisticated styling with plush texture and dimension to create high-end looks for prestigious spaces. These include collections such as Dissident 2.0 and Consequence 2.0.  


  • Recycled Content - we are committed to ensuring our carpets offer the most sustainable floor covering solution and most of our Millitron collections use yarns featuring Econyl® 100% regenerated nylon.


Clients can use the speed and flexibility of Millitron to create an entirely new signature design or colour concept that is bespoke to their interior scheme.  Our design team partners with clients on custom projects that range from a simple colour tweak, in a standard pattern, to a complicated statement design that spans the entire floor.


Using a range of solution dyed nylon (SDN) yarns, and combining them with our state of the art tufting technology, we are able to create a portfolio of designs that complements our Millitron® collections to offer clients a full portfolio of aesthetic, construction and budget possibilities.


Our SDN tufting technology enables the creation​ of original, statement collections such as Culture Canvas and Per Contra and everyday essentials such as Nordic Stories and Rogue Knit. To round out the portfolio, Formwork and Juxtapose offer versatile solid colour coordinates. Light Trails, featuring Econyl® 100% regenerated nylon, offers a winning solution when sustainability is the primary consideration.