Entrance Barrier Matting System

An efficient and effective barrier matting system offers a multitude of benefits to the safety, aesthetic and maintenance of a building. 

Designed as a three-zone barrier system, the OBEX matting system effectively traps dirt and moisture at the entrance, preventing it from entering the building - significantly minimising the risk of accidents from falls or slipping due to wet flooring. 

Created with longevity in mind, the system has been developed to withstand high levels of foot traffic, whilst effectively reducing the amount of dirt and moisture brought into the building. 

OBEX entrance solutions can be installed at any entrance or access point that may be subjected to higher risks of dirt, moisture or heavy usage. The barrier matting system can also be combined with other types of matting to optimise performance and tailor your system to your specific requirements. The correct combination of OBEX products, situated correctly, can lengthen the appearance retention and, ultimately, the life of the carpet.

OBEX equips clients with all they need to create site-specific, high-performing entries, without compromising their project’s overall design. Not only does this improve the safety of your premises, but can help reduce maintenance costs in other areas of the building, by preventing dirt or moisture from being transported further into other areas. 

Perfect for foyers, receptions, corridors, canteen areas and service points. Suitable safe access for all, including wheelchair users in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and in alignment with Building Regulations and British Standards. 

Available in colours and patterns selected to coordinate with Milliken carpet collections, OBEX is simple and easy to work with. The system offers entrance matting solutions that can be recessed or surface-mounted as well as exterior and interior applications.

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Why OBEX? - Protect your flooring investment

Floor Finish | Milliken UK

Without entrance flooring, the foot traffic from 1,500 people can remove 42% of a floor’s finish within the first 2 metres.

The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association
Remove Dirt | Milliken UK

Removing 1kg of dirt from inside a building costs approximately £600.

The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association
Savings | Milliken UK

£1 spent keeping soil out of a  building proactively will save £10 in soil removal once inside.

Cleaning & Maintenance Management
Foot Traffic | Milliken UK

70% to 90% of the soil entering a facility is “walked in” through the front door, which can total as much as 10kg by 1,000 people when no barrier is installed.

Worldwide Cleaning Association
Slips and Falls | Milliken UK

Approximately 25,000 people a day are victims of slip and fall accidents. The expense of these injuries costs organizations £3.1 million per hour - or over £26 billion per year in the United States alone. U.S.

National Safety Council

Distance is key to stopping dirt

The goal of any walk-off solution is to safely trap and manage dirt and moisture at the front door.
Entrance Flooring Chart | Milliken UK
A target of seven to ten metres is achievable with a strategic Zone approach, keeping in mind the intensity of foot, rolled, and heavy cart traffic.

Protection from the Outside in

Covering the Zones
To determine the most effective OBEX™ solution, our team evaluates your building’s entry based on three distinct Zones. This process starts at the outside of the building and addresses the entire pathway through any airlocks, vestibules, and lobby or reception areas. Every facility is unique and so breaking down these Zones helps define where entrance flooring should be installed, as well as which combinations of Forms and Materials will deliver the best protection and performance.

Zone 1

Location: Outdoor area prior to building’s entrance
Recommendation: Product with heavy scraping action 
Goal: Trap grit, heavy dirt particles, and moisture, including snow, salt, and sand


Zone 2

Location: Enclosed entrance of building
Recommendation: Dual-action product that combines scraping and absorption
Goal: Collect dirt, debris, and moisture

Zone 3

Location: Primary area(s) inside building
Recommendation: Product with high absorption qualities
Goal: Remove remaining moisture and small particles
Zone Map | Milliken UK




What is Barrier Matting?

Barrier matting is designed to effectively trap dirt, moisture and debris, preventing it from entering into a building. Barrier matting is also known as Entrance Flooring and offers a multitude of benefits to safety, aesthetic and maintenance of a building.

Why do I need barrier matting? 

Barrier matting minimises the risk of accidents caused by slipping on wet flooring. Barrier matting prolongs the life and appearance of internal flooring by trapping dirt and moisture, reducing maintenance costs. 

Where can barrier matting be used?

Barrier matting is commonly used in the entrance of a property such as a hallway or reception area in a commercial building or office space. Barrier matting is often used as part of an entrance flooring solution for commercial properties.

How to Clean Entrance Matting

Daily vacuuming and sweeping of the matting should remove dirt, grit and sand. Professional vacuum cleaners with brush tools will remove dirt effectively. Follow a maintenance guide for barrier matting for best results.