Acoustic Values

In open-office environments, with teams of people all talking at once, noise can be disturbing and frustrating. In such environments, the acoustic advantages of Milliken cushion backing are impressive.

Acoustic Values for our current portfolio of products can be downloaded below:


NBS National BIM Library Endorsement  | Milliken UK

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that begins with the creation of an intelligent 3D model and enables document management, coordination and simulation during the entire lifecycle of a project (plan, design, build, operation and maintenance).

BIM is used to design and document building and infrastructure designs. Every detail of a building is modeled in BIM. The model can be used for analysis to explore design options and to create visualizations that help stakeholders understand what the building will look like before it’s built. The model is then used to generate the design documentation for construction.

Milliken has partnered with RIBA to provide BIM objects (including REVIT files) for Milliken carpet and LVT products through the NBS National BIM Library.

Click here to download BIM files




Regular Maintenance, Deep Cleaning and use of Virucidal Disinfectants

You’ve entrusted Milliken as your flooring supplier, and we’re here to support you not only as you get your facilities back up and running, but also in how you maintain your physical locations long-term. We’ve created the following recommendations explaining regular maintenance, deep cleaning, and the use of virucidal disinfectants on Milliken Floor Covering products within your facilities.


LRV is a measurement that indicates how much light a surface reflects and how much it absorbs.

Values are measured on a 0 – 100 scale, where 0 = perfectly absorbing black, 100 = perfectly reflecting brilliant white. Understanding Light Reflectance values of surfaces enable interior lighting levels to be optimised and colours to be contrasted. Milliken provides these values for all products in accordance with BS8300.

Simply use the L value for determining lighting levels * or the LRV (Y) value to compare the carpet colour to edgings and other surface finishes, in order to achieve the recommended 30 point difference in colour contrast required for inclusive design.

(*L value can additionally be converted to a decimal for lux rating e.g. L 24 = Lux rating 0.24)


NBS Specifications

NBS specifications are available to download using the documents below.