Cushion backing is a layer of padding that’s built into the carpet tile.​

Milliken’s cushion backing with 90% recycled content provides very tangible health and wellness benefits. By offering a more comfortable surface to stand or walk on, it reduces fatigue and through its acoustic properties, it reduces noise levels which can in turn positively impact stress levels.

Cushion back carpets will also last 40 to 50% longer than hardback carpets as the cushion backing absorbs the effects of wear and protects the face of the carpet. Cushion backing also offers installation, ergonomic, safety and environmental benefits.

Milliken’s cushion backing is offered in two thicknesses:

  • Comfort Plus® – for the ultimate in luxurious premium comfort and superior acoustic performance
  • Comfort Lite – for enhanced underfoot comfort, acoustic and wear performance

Cross Section: Cushion Backing

Cushion Backed Carpet Tile
Comfort Plus Cross Section

Cushion backing in numbers

Appearance Retention

Cushion backing can extend a carpets life by 50 percent  | Milliken UK

Underfoot Comfort

Cushion backing reduces leg muscle fatigue by up to 24 percent | Milliken UK

Improves Acoustics

Cushion Backing Absorbs Noise | Milliken UK

Reduces impact sound

Comfort Plus reduces impact sound | Milliken UK

Improved Acoustics

​In open-office environments, with teams of people all talking at once, noise can be disturbing and frustrating. In such environments, the acoustic advantages of cushion backing are impressive. 

Spaces fitted with Comfort Plus carpet tiles will be noticeably quieter than with any hardback product. Comfort Plus® reduces impact noise (e.g. from foot traffic) and absorbs ambient sound (e.g. from nearby conversations) making spaces feel calmer and less frenetic. Improvements in workplace acoustics can yield higher performance and increase productivity, making it easier to both concentrate and collaborate.

The acoustic properties provided by Comfort Plus® are also beneficial in educational environments, making it easier for students and teachers to hear, communicate and concentrate. Numerous studies have shown that reduced noise levels improve knowledge retention and reduce error rates among students and minimise vocal cord strain for teachers. ​

Here's how it works: Cushion addresses two aspects of sound in the working environment

1. It improves the ability of the carpet to reduce impact noise

Impact noise is essentially a structural vibration that occurs when one object collides with another, such as footsteps on a floor. It typically occurs in an adjacent space and is transmitted from the point of impact through a wall or floor. Noise is measured in decibels (dB).

Impact Noise Comparison

Impact Noise Comparison

Comfort Plus® reduces impact sound (e.g. from foot traffic) by up to 40%

2. It improves the ability of the carpet to absorb ambient sound

Sound absorption refers to the carpet’s ability to absorb (rather than reflect) sound waves within a space, from sources such as human speech. A material’s sound absorbing properties are expressed by the sound absorption coefficient, α, (alpha), as a function of the frequency. Alpha (α) ranges from 0 to 1.00.

Sound Absorption Comparison

Sound Absorption Comparison

Comfort Plus® reduces impact sound (e.g. from foot traffic) by up to 40%