Milliken has designed the most advanced,  built-in system for installing modular carpet, eliminating the need for adhesives. TractionBack is a high friction coating, applied during manufacture, that keeps our PVC-free carpet tiles securely in place without additional floor preparation, primers, tapes, dots, or adhesives. Once installed, tiles with TractionBack remain stable on the floor and do not move laterally but  can still be easily uplifted when access to the subfloor is required.


TractionBack® is a remarkable high-friction coating that keeps our PVC-free carpet tile securely in-place without additional adhesives, floor sealers or primers. Applied during the manufacturing process, carpet tiles with TractionBack require no manipulation, additional taping, or gluing steps in the field. Ready to install out of the box makes installation, moving, or replacing Milliken carpet easier on you and the environment.



TractionBack benefits:

· Easy uplift and replacement – tiles can be lifted and replaced multiple times without losing the traction effect. Little or no residue is left reducing or even eliminating damage to raised access floors and high-quality sub-floors

· Improves indoor air quality – eliminates VOC off-gassing typically associated with adhesives during installation and therefore allows faster carpet installation and space habitation

· Reduces cost of labour and materials – eliminates the need to pre-treat the floor with wet adhesives, saving time and materials and preventing damage to the subfloor. TractionBack also eliminates need for extra dots, adhesives, film or tape

· Allows faster carpet installation – eliminates time spent preparing the floor, spreading wet adhesive and waiting for it to dry. As a result earlier space occupancy is possible.