Whether in a classroom, hallway, library, or sports complex, carpet can define and inspire within the learning environment. Milliken will help you create inviting, supportive, and sustainable spaces for learning through modular carpet options that meet the tightest installation schedules.​​​​​​​​

Smart Flooring for 21st Century Learning Environments


We understand that creating high-performance learning environments involves more than technical specs and hard costs. There’s also the challenge of satisfying the requirements of very diverse stakeholders; from the community and school board, to parents and staff, and the ultimate stakeholders—the students.

Milliken modular carpets help provide your school with a facility that enhances learning, improves student achievement, and creates a place of community pride. In addition to these benefits, our carpet tile is easier to maintain, helps alleviate floor moisture, and comes with 13 lifetime warranties against concerns such as staining, soiling, delamination, edge ravel, and color pattern loss.

Milliken is an experienced carpet provider with over 7,500 school installations and counting. Our broad array of easy-to-use modular carpet tile, entryway systems, dust control mats, and optional on-site Millicare® cleaning services simplify maintenance and transform school environments to help improve student performance and increase teacher retention.

Milliken’s PVC-free cushion backed modular carpets offer:

Best-in-class acoustics, reducing noise up to 25-50% more than other carpet.
Unparalleled durability to protect your investment with 'Severe' Texture Appearance Retention Rating products.
Anti-microbial and stain repel and release technologies creating easy to maintain carpets.
Unmatched moisture management to stop liquids at the surface and help wick moisture away from the sub-floor.
Customizable collections that incorporate school colors to create a source of school pride and community connection.
Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and faster, easier carpet installation with TractionBack® modular tiles.
A certified carbon negative company.