Spaces don’t create themselves. Designers do.

You imagine them, pick what goes in them. Somebody walks in. So do a bunch of other people. And it all comes to life. Your vision, and people — together — that’s what gives these spaces meaning. That’s what makes them sing.

We want to help you make your spaces better. By o­ffering intriguing and varied aesthetic choices, certainly. But also by making products that add value continuously throughout their lifetimes — far beyond what first meets the eye.

Explore our latest products and discover the role our products play in optimizing the health and wellbeing of the people who spend time in them.


WELL Certified™ Platinum Showroom

Milliken's Chicago showroom is currently the only WELL Certified™ space in the Mart and the first WELL Certified™ Platinum space in Chicago.

Press Release - Chicago Showroom WELL Certified Platinum

2018 WELL-platinum Certified Logo

Human Interactions

They help us create environments that we work and live in, captured through the slide show and video below.

Chicago Showroom - NeoCon 2018

Neocon 2018

Textured Sky

Textured Sky

Inspired by nature, Textured Sky brings an organic atmosphere inside. Three SDN patterns, 21 colors, available in 50cm x 50cm tiles and 25cm x 1m planks. Plus, Metallic Spectrum, an electrifying reflective fiber in each tile.

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Editor's Choice Award - Best Of Neocon


Abstract - Quarter Turn

LVT - Abstract

Introducing Abstract, a new LVT collection that explores intricate shapes and textures. With 7 distinctive patterns offered in a variety of dimensional tones, discover a unique approach to tactility with a contemporary twist.

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Gunnison - Herringbone

LVT - Natural

Introducing Natural, a new LVT collection inspired by the unique creations found in the world around us. Explore the wonder of 5 organic patterns. Then, seamlessly coordinate an aesthetic journey with a selection of neutrally enchanting tones. Available in 9” x 59.7” planks.

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Free Flow - All Colors

Free Flow

Free Flow easily inspires and is designed to help your next project feel effortless from start to finish. With 20 genuine patterns and 12 inviting color options, Free Flow provides a composed and eloquent aesthetic offered at one single price point. Shipping within 2–3 weeks, Free Flow is an ideal choice for new or retrofit installations. All patterns are available in 50cm x 50cm squares as well as 25cm x 1m planks.

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Movement Rapid and Rush, in Pace 25cm x 1m planks - Vertical Ashlar


Introducing MotionScape. With 3 gradually progressive patterns offered in a total of 24 unique palette options, the intensity is entirely up to you. Select the discreetness of Movement, the fluidity of Rapid, or the vibrancy of Rush.

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