Covering the Zones

Protection from the Outside In

To determine the most effective OBEX solution, our team evaluates your building's entry based on three distinct Zones. This process starts at the outside of the building, and addresses the entire pathway through any air-locks, vestibules and lobby or reception areas. Because every facility is unique, breaking down these Zones helps define where entrance flooring should be installed as well as what combinations of forms and materials will deliver the best protection and performance.

Location: Outdoor covered area prior to building's entrance
Recommendation: Product with heavy scraping action
Goal: Trap grit, heavy dirt particles and moisture, including snow, salt and sand

Zone 2 | Vestibule / Airlock
Location: Enclosed entrance of building
Recommendation: Dual-action product that combines scraping and absorption
Goal: Collect dirt, debris and moisture

Zone 3 | INDOORS
Location: Primary area(s) inside building
Recommendation: Product with high absorption qualities
Goal: Remove remaining moisture and small particles