Smarter, Better Entries

Optimize Safety, Wellness and Design

Rooted in the long history of Milliken innovation, and reflecting the organization's bold vision for healthy, efficient, and productive facilities, OBEX leads the way with proven options for the harshest conditions — without the unattractive, unsophisticated compromises typically associated with entries. By keeping out unwanted debris and moisture, OBEX Entrance Flooring protects spaces against slips and falls, unhealthy contaminants, and abrasive particles that can prematurely wear facility-wide flooring. From Grids, Tiles, and aluminum Bars to Mats and Rolls, Milliken's integrated OBEX system optimizes safety, wellness and design from the outside in.

Protects your employees and guests from slip and fall hazards.

Protects internal air quality from external debris and pollutants.

Protects facility-wide flooring investments from unnecessary wear.