Your Site-Specific Analysis Starts Here

Our Variable Installation Approach (VIA) means you don’t have to settle for generic, one-size-fits-all entrance flooring. OBEX VIA is our site-specific analysis that starts with an assessment of your facility's unique environment, specific needs and challenges. We then match your requirements with our offering of effective Forms and industry-proven Materials. Finally, VIA focuses the conversation on your preferences, resulting in a tailored entrance flooring system that delivers both performance and protection.


Objective – What do you need your entry to do?

Factor in variables such as weather conditions and amount of foot and rolled traffic.


Barrier level – Where and to what degree do you need protection?

Assess each Zone along the entry pathway, including vestibules, lobbies, and transition areas to determine available linear walk-off distance.


Enhance – What look and style do you want?

Review options for color and pattern, as well as coordination with interior flooring products and any identity branding you may want.



Based on your answers to the previous questions, we can now identify and recommend the most effective, customized system of OBEX Forms and Materials.

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