Safer, Cleaner, Healthier Spaces

Protect Your Flooring Investment

Without entrance matting, the foot traffic from 1,500 people can remove 42% of a floor's finish within the first 6 feet. (ISSA)

70% to 90% of the soil entering a facility is "walked in" through the front door, which can total as much as 24 pounds by 1,000 people when no barrier is installed. (Worldwide Cleaning Association)

$1 spent keeping soil out of a building proactively will save $10 in soil removal once inside. (Cleaning & Maintenance Management)

Approximately 25,000 people a day are victims of slip and fall accidents. The expense of these injuries costs organizations $3.5 million per hour - or over $30 billion per year in the United States alone. (U.S. National Safety Council)

Removing 1 pound of dirt from inside a building costs approximately $700. (ISSA)

Distance is Key to Stopping Dirt

The goal of any walk-off solution is to safely trap and manage dirt and moisture at the front door. A target of twenty to thirty feet is achievable with a strategic Zone approach, keeping in mind the intensity of foot, rolled, and heavy cart traffic.

Source: The Carpet and Rug Institute, Inc.